Saturday, 18 June 2011

Our allergy test by BICOM 2000

Because of my ongoing skin problem and Wynn Wynn's recent bacteria infection, MM decided to bring us for an allergy test. The test would be done via a device known as BICOM 2000, which uses special electronics to detect the frequency patterns produced by the cells in the body. These frequency patterns would tell about the patient's health and body condition. If there were foreign substances, such as bacteria, viruses and allergens, in the patient's body, various programmes could be customized to the patient's needs and help the patient to recover.

Prior the test, MM prepared samples of our food (such as the main meal, tibits and even fruits!) and shampoos. This is to give a more accurate analysis of the results.

BICOM 2000 device
How the test was conducted 

In about three hours' time, our tests were completed and the results were produced:

  • Both Wynn Wynn and I were allergic to meats like beef, mutton/lamb, venison and even PORK! 
  • Our body systems were neutral to fish, and we were recommended to stop taking fish for a while.
  • We could take raw chicken and rabbit BARF receipes.
  • Anything that contains oat, wheat and rice would be rejected by our body systems.
  • We could use almost all the shampoos.
  • Our body systems could not accept our favourite dehydrated cod fish, pork, chicken, mutton and beef lungs, except for pig hearts. 
  • In all, Wynn Wynn's health condition was much better than mine. It was detected that my body organs were stressful and that should be the main reason of my chronic skin problem.

With that, the therapist recommended MM to let me go through the BICOM Bioresonance Therapy Programmes. And that's how I would be embarking on the therapy treatment in the next subsequent ten Saturdays. MM hopes that this treatment would be the answer to improve my health/body condition, as well as giving me a better quality of life. I hope so too. It's been a torture in the past four years. I wish to end this physical and emotional distress very soon. 

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